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Nathan Felton

Raised in Vernal Ut,  I was surrounded by people who loved to cook.  My parents and Grandparents were always creating delicious food.  I wasn't until I moved out on my own that I fully appreciated their efforts.  I soon found myself as a poor college student trying to balance time and money,  I was able to get by based on a few simple techniques I learned by observing my family cook over the years.  After graduating from Utah State in with a degree in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning, my wife and I moved to Charlotte, NC with our two boys.  This was a fun experience for us as we able to explore a new environment and lots of food from around the world.  After a few years in Charlotte we started to miss the West, so we started to make plans to move back.  I soon found that I would not be able to practice Landscape Architecture and reach our financial goals so we started to explore the idea of a food truck.  I had spent my time in Charlotte studying the art of smoked meats and we thought of doing Southern style BBQ truck,  but the logistics made it to complicated given the fact I was going to have to work another full time jobs while we started the business.  After further research we came across the most amazing waffles ever!... The Waffle Iron was born.  My wife Jenn is the one who gets all the credit for our famous dough recipe,  she labored all through the night for months on end until we got it just right!  We started with our food truck on the weekends and it soon became apparent we would need to expand to keep up with the demand so we started the restaurant.  And now, we are loving serving Cache Valley with delicious gourmet waffles everyday... except Sunday.