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Yogurt Tips

More Tips:

There are 4 ways to make yogurt thicker:

1-Use high fat milk.  This works very, very well.  You will even notice a difference between 1 percent and 2 percent milk when made into yogurt. 

2-Add gelatin.   Experiment with the ratios to get the desired effect (thick, but not too much like Jello-O).  I have never found a lowfat yogurt in the stores that doesn’t have gelatin.  It really helps with the consistency and keeps it from separating as much.  We sell “bulk” gelatin that you can measure out in any measurement you need.

3-Add powdered milk.  This will definitely affect the taste of the yogurt, but if you have a powdered milk brand you don’t mind the taste of, go ahead and try it.  There are ratios for this in the book that came with your yogurt maker.

4-Strain your yogurt.  This is what “Greek” yogurt is.  This is done by placing the yogurt in a strainer or sieve lined with cheesecloth and suspending it over a bowl or sink.  This strains out the whey, or watery portion, leaving the solids behind.  The longer you strain, the thicker it will get, until it becomes yogurt cheese.   Be sure to do this over a bowl and refrigerate if you are going to strain for an extended period of time (probably anything more than 30 min to an hour).  

Just as a side note, yogurt is much like sour cream when it comes to stirring.  The more the surface is disturbed, the more separation of whey you will get.  It’s actually better not to stir up your whole tub of yogurt.  We just serve from the large Yogourmet tub and pour off the whey each time before we serve.  If we want to stir it up, we do so after the serving is in it’s own bowl.